More than complete

A complete and up-to-date collection for every taste and every price segment. Innovative in-house design quality. Attractively priced and can always be supplied from stock

Welcome home

Refined simplicity and eye for detail. With surprising combinations of robust, natural materials and sophisticated structures. And always unique thanks to beauty of imperfection.

Dazzling focal point

Extremely richly varied and attractively priced. The high-quality Christmas trees, wreaths and festoons can be supplied in very many different versions and both with and without dimmable and attractive LED lighting.

Designed by Nature

You will not be able to tell the difference from the real thing. Thanks to a unique process, Triumph Tree matches Mother Nature itself. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that this brand has been setting the standard effortless for nearly a quarter of a century.

The greatest season

Festive. Warm. Stylish. House of Seasons will set the mood and bring quality to any home. From a subdued chic to lavish colour. These decorative elements give the nicest season an additional brilliance.

Light everywhere

Especially during the darkest day of the year, ensure you have enchanting lights at home and in your garden. The creativity of consumers around the holiday period does not seem to have any boundaries – neither does the Luca collection.

Fun for all

Welcome to a marvellous miniature world. The richly detailed houses, figures and accessories are magical to look at. Building them and expanding the collection every year are also addictive.