Welcome to a marvellous miniature world. The richly detailed houses, figures and accessories are magical to look at. Building them and expanding the collection every year are also addictive.

Whether it is about a single house, a street or a small village, these miniatures will ensure that great fun will be had. Exclusively designed for Edelman and produced with much care and love from, for example, porcelain.

Three villages, innumerable houses and figures, collectibles such as snowballs and music boxes and starter kits are available. And even in the glittering packaging, Luville is a treat for the eyes.

Despite the high quality criteria and the rigorous quality control, it may be possible that a problem occurs with your article from the Luville collection. If this is the case, please contact the company that sold you the article, or submit your question by filling out the form “contact us”. We do recommend to first read the below questions. Perhaps these questions can help you solve your problem.

1. Warranty?

We set very high standards for the quality and safety of our products. All products are manufactured according to the requirements as set in the EU legislation. Our products meet the EU requirements under the General Product Safety directive 2001/95 EC.

For the articles of Luville, we give 2 years warranty.

There is no warranty for the lights.

2. My Luville product is partially or not at all illuminated.

Check all plugs. Is the adapter connected properly? The reversing of the battery terminals might help. When the article is only partially illuminated, this might be caused by a broken bulb. In this case, change the bulb. In case the light still doesn’t work after the bulb has been replaced, there probably is a broken wire in one branch. A new adapter is the solution in this case. (See section 7)

3. My transformer gets very hot

A transformer may get warm, but definitely not hot. When the transformer gets hot, disconnect the power cord and request another transformer through a service request (see section 7).

4. I have no more spare bulbs

Spare bulbs do not fall under warranty (see section 1).   Spare bulbs are for sale at garden centers, hardware stores and lamp shops.

5. I am missing a part

Our Luville collection contains many different types of houses and figures. For these items we don’t have the individual parts like the house, dolls, roosters and trees. The only parts we have in stock for Luville are adapters.

6. My Luville item doesn’t move anymore

Despite rigorous quality control, it is possible that a technical component does not function anymore. We don’t have a repair shop for the Luville articles. When your Luville item does not function well and is still under warranty, then please present the receipt for your purchase at the store where you purchased the article. They will then work with us to come up with a suitable solution.

7. How can I order spare parts, and what do I need for this?

You can send us your service request by filling out the “contact us” form. Your request will be directed to the service department that will handle your request. The following information is required:

  1. Copy of the receipt for your Christmas tree or pine green article. Without proof of purchase, your service request will not be processed.
  2. Item number or barcode and name of the tree. These can usually be found back on the short side of the box.
  3. Clear description of the required part, e.g. cord for the adapter, technical details of the adapter etc.
  4. Number of required parts.
  5. Address to which the parts can be sent (not a PO Box!!)

Spare lights can’t be requested, see section 1 and 2.

Your personal information will only be used to process your service request and will never be provided to third parties.

When you can’t send your request by email then this can, on exception, be done by mail. Because the administrative processing takes more time, we ask you to allow a longer delivery time (see section 18).

8. When can I expect the part?

If we have the parts in stock, we do our very best to have them delivered to you within 2 to 3 business days. Unfortunately it sometimes happens that a part needs to be ordered, but even in this case, we will do everything possible to have the part shipped to you as soon as possible, and if needed we will send you a temporary alternative until the right part becomes available.

When your request is received by mail, this requires a longer delivery time of approximately 2 to 3 business days.

For requests after the Christmas period it can be that the delivery time for the parts is longer.  

9. Contact

We hope you enjoy your purchase, but we also realize that despite our efforts, sometimes things can go wrong. If you don’t find the answer to your question from your dealer, or if your question was not included in the above list, then please email us through the “contact us” section. We will immediately notify you when your request is received. After processing your request, we aim to respond to you within 2-3 business days.