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To make sure the warranty of your tree is in order, register your tree by filling out the form “register your tree!"

Despite the high quality criteria and the rigorous quality control, it may be possible that a problem occurs with your artificial Christmas tree or that a part of your tree is missing. If this is the case, please contact the company that sold you the tree, or submit your question by filling out the form “contact us”. We do recommend to first read the below questions. Perhaps these questions can help you solve your problem.

1. My tree is partially or not at all illuminated.

Check all plugs. Is the adapter connected properly? The reversing of the battery terminals might help. When the tree is only partially illuminated, this might be caused by a broken bulb. In this case, ONLY replace the bulb in case your tree is equipped with replaceable bulbs, see 1. The bulbs are usually connected in a series of 8 to 10 bulbs, so if one bulb doesn’t work, the entire series will be affected. If the lights still don’t work after the bulb has been replaced, there probably is a broken wire in one branch. If none of the lights are illuminated, there is a problem with the adapter. A new adapter is the solution in this case. (See section 10)

2.One or more bulbs are not illuminated.

There is a difference between LED lights and the so called Rice lights / bulbs! For further information, please refer to the instructions that were delivered with your tree, or see section 1 for further explanation. The LED lights are replaceable depending on the type of LED (see section 1 for further explanation), and they basically have a minimum life of 15,000 hours. The Rice lights / bulbs are replaceable. It is possible that one or more LED lights fail during the warranty period. In case you do not have replaceable LED lights, we have determined that if 5% or less of the LED lights are not working, they do not fall under the warranty claim. When more than 5% of the LED lights malfunction during the warranty period, you can claim your warranty through our service department. If your tree has 312 lights for example, then you divide this by 20 (= 5% of the total). In this case, this gives a total of 15 lights. So if there are more than 15 lights defective within the warranty period, you can claim your warranty.

3.I have no more spare bulbs.

Each packaging of an illuminated tree with replaceable lights contains a number of spare bulbs. Spare bulbs do not fall under warranty (see section 2). Spare bulbs are for sale at garden centers, hardware stores and lamp shops. Pay attention to see whether your tree works with replaceable or not replaceable LED lights or with Rice light lights. Attention! Not all LED lights are replaceable!! See section 1 for further explanation.

4.My tree has a dimmer switch that does not work.

When the lights do not work despite the dimmer switch being connected correctly, then disconnect the dimmer switch and use the lights without the dimmer switch, by connecting the cable directly to the transformer. If the lights work without the dimmer switch, this means there is a defect in the dimmer switch and it must be replaced (see section 11).

5.My dimmer makes a humming noise, transformer gets very hot

When you have a dimmer that makes a humming noise you can exchange it for another one in the garden center, or you can fill out a service request (see section 11).

A transformer may get warm, but definitely not hot. When the transformer gets hot, disconnect the power cord and request another transformer.

6.I’m missing a branch.

Despite rigorous quality control, it is possible that you’re missing a branch. Our collection of artificial Christmas trees contains many kinds of unlit trees with plug-in branches. Illuminated trees do not have plug-in branches! For these trees we usually have individual branches in stock. When requesting a branch or a part, (see section 11) it is very important to put the item number of the tree (6 digits), the name of the tree and the color code of the branch in the service request. The color code of the branch is visible through a colored sticker that is attached to the branch.

7.Where can I find the item number of the tree?

The collection of artificial Christmas trees and pine green products is extensive and contains hundreds of different trees with different models and techniques. The item number of your tree is essential in order to be able to send the right parts to you. The item number consists of 6 digits and can be found on the short side of the box.

8. Warranty?

We set very high standards for the quality and safety of our products. All products are manufactured according to the requirements as set in the EU legislation. Our products meet the EU requirements under the General Product Safety directive 2001/95 EC.

We are also certain about the quality of our products and give additional warranty, depending on the product. This warranty is included in the packing.

9.Who can I contact with questions?

Most companies that sell Christmas articles during the winter time have a number of employees who are specialized in selling artificial Christmas trees. These employees can tell you everything about the use and the benefits of an artificial Christmas tree. They can also inform you about the difference between the various trees and advise you which tree suits your needs.

10.How do I connect the lights of my Christmas tree?

Click play on the video below to see instruction video.

11. When can I expect the part?

If we have the parts in stock, we do our very best to have them delivered to you within 2 to 3 business days. Unfortunately it sometimes happens that a part needs to be ordered, but even in this case we will do everything possible to have the part shipped to you as soon as possible, and if needed we will send you a temporary alternative until the right part becomes available.

When your request is received by mail, this requires a longer delivery time of approximately 2 to 3 business days.

For requests after the Christmas period it can be that the delivery time for the parts is longer.

12. What to do if the problem cannot be solved?

When the part is not available or when the tree cannot be fixed and it is still under warranty, then please present the receipt for your purchase at the store where you purchased the article. They will then work with us to come up with a suitable solution.